Nice places

we are so excited there are so many out there that want to be found

we will share our Favorites and hope you will too…

Where have you recently been? Did you capture a special moment at this place that you will remember for longer?

When we travel we find lots of places that will fit that description. Even when it has been a bit longer ago – you will see how special these places were, that they are still worth being mentioned and shared with more people. I think wonderful places attract wonderful people with the right respect for these places. Often they are created by wonderful people who work there and give the places the special touch and liveliness they need to glow. Come with us and get to know what fleurberlin likes…

Sometime you have to turn your head to discover the special…after two very good caipirinha…

Bibam Bar, Bidard France

After a good day of surfing the atlantic swell near Biarritz there is no better place for a sundowner, independent life music and a mellow atmosphere to share with friendly locals.





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Fleur ist ein Küstenmädchen, aber wird immer auch Berlinerin bleiben, denn dort ist ihre Heimat. Sie hat auch schon ein Jahr in Kalifornien in Los Angeles gelebt, liebt internationalen Austausch und postet einige Beiträge auch in Englisch, damit sie fleurberlin mit noch mehr Menschen teilen kann. She can read Spanish and French but will answer to people speaking and writing in these, in English for better quality answers ;).

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