How to get spiral vegetable pasta

Good conscience pasta that is truly yummy

I love Pasta. I can literally eat it day and night. and I can eat big amouts of it. 

So far the theory which works 100% for me but actually doesn’t happen, because I am not a marathon runner or long distance swimmer. I am an average woman of 30 years plus and working 40-45 hours a week. When I come home I cook and I eat and I do not run and burn all the carbohydrates I am cooking.

If you are still looking like me for a good solution out of the pasta – not enough sports – dilemma, I think I found the solution today.

I got myself a hand-held spiralizer. No nothing obscure although it does not look like much.

I decided after a quick glance of all kind of sorts in the shop for the cheapest and the smallest since I already got lots of stuff in my kitchen that takes a lot of space already.  There were models that went with electrical power and cost about the price of a hotel room. I rather book the latter. I just want vegetable pasta not golden spirals. Then there were the medium priced ones ranging between 40 – 50 €. They had the size of my pepper mill, had exchangeable blades for bigger and smaller noodles more narrow in size, okay. But I think I know my habits and I am not the exchanger of things, I use them and like the result and that’s it.  So I decided for the OXO „Good grips“ model which promised satisfaction guarantee. I paid 100 Danish Crowns which is about 15 € which is totally fine, if I will get satisfactory results. We’ll get to that.

Coming home to the danish holiday house I spend my easter vacation in, I tried spiralizing all the vegetables I had on stock immediately. I had a carrot and a zucchini.

Getting to use the spiralizer

The product boxes opens up easily, but then the lid was stuck, remaining stubbornly in its position and is not easy to open, but that will prevent husbands and other play around guys in your kitchen to get cut…so don’t use your nails, they might break off. The backside of a knife worked  for me.

Here is my first share for you not to start like this

  • Placing the carrots on the outside of the circular ring and going clockwise around the round center blade.
  • This way you receive short spirals cut of every time you hit the blade. They look like lots of narrow moons. If you like those, do it that way. If you like the satisfaction guaranteed mode, keep on going…

Reading the instruction a second time with more patience always helps. It says: Align the center of the vegetable with the circular coring blade in the center of the spiralizer. Here we go. I did so and now it worked. Pressing and turning my fat carrot clockwise with light pressure over the center of the spiralizer was the clue. All of this took me 5-10 min. to start with. By the way – I should have started with the zucchini , it is even easier and faster to cut.

All the spiraling works only as long as the carrot core which is coming out of the center blade is not getting longer than the whole item is tall, it needs to be taken of once in a while and is perfect for to shut curious mouths that pass by while you are drilling your vegetables into the kitchen table.

So cool. I can use these veggie spirals as pasta or fry them in the pan. I decided for frying them in a table spoon of olive oil, adding a garlic clove to cook along, which will be taken out before serving the dish. I put my fresh home made almond pesto on top. Bit of pepper out of the mill and ready is a real healthy, basic food that contains no carbohydrates, very little salt (just in the cheese which is in the pesto) and very low calories. Voilà. Perfect for night dishes and I-need-to-eat-pasta-attacks.

Here is the recipe for

Zucchini and Carrot pasta with Home Made Almond Pesto

Easy. Quick. Delicious. Spiralizing Vegetables. Just frying. Without salt and lots of vitamins. Low calories food.


Review overview

Performance / Long vegetable spirals 8
Price / Investment vs. what you get9
Size / Place taken in your kitchen9.5
Safety 8
Fun Factor (not spoiled by difficult cleaning)9.2


8.7Nice item you can afford for healthy food preparation with fun und looks-good-factor. Just one size of spirals which works for me. The smaller the more vitamins are lost while cooking. Easy to handle, easy to clean, just rinse with fresh water or put in the dishwasher. Worth trying.

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