Off-Season at the Baltic Sea

Off-Season destination with Charme

That the Baltic Sea is a good place to travel to is easy to know when the sun is shining. But which placing are charming, when the sun doesn’t always shine?

If you are still looking for ideas where to spend the next weekend , here is a suggestion. Go to Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea.


Here is a list of things to explore


  • Stroll at the broad beach with lots of space and just a few other explorers
  • book a day spa visit at one of the hotel spas
  • be inspired by one of the food offers at the harbour, lots of fish but also international offers like portuguese tapas, italian or greek – go out and have a taste!


Fleur ist ein Küstenmädchen, aber wird immer auch Berlinerin bleiben, denn dort ist ihre Heimat. Sie hat auch schon ein Jahr in Kalifornien in Los Angeles gelebt, liebt internationalen Austausch und postet einige Beiträge auch in Englisch, damit sie fleurberlin mit noch mehr Menschen teilen kann. She can read Spanish and French but will answer to people speaking and writing in these, in English for better quality answers ;).

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