Fluffy american pancakes

Fluffy. Yummy. Irresistable.

These are the ones.The ultimate recipe for fluffy pancakes, american style.

For 2-4 portions

3 big eggs

120 g flour (wheat is fine, spelt wheat is fine too)

1 generous tablespoon baking soda

140 ml milk

1 pinch of sea salt

For 4-8 portions

6  eggs

240 g flour (wheat is fine, spelt wheat is fine too)

2 generous tablespoon baking soda

280 ml milk

1 pinches of sea salt

Here we go:

  1. Separate the eggs
  2. Beat the egg whites and add the salt towards the end until they are all the way stiff.
  3. Mix the rest of the ingredients. First the egg yolks, then the flour with the baking soda and give it through a fine sifter.
  4. Now put the beater away and stir the beaten egg whites very gently and slow into the dough.

Now you just need to melt butter or sunflower seed oil in a small pan.

Let 3 -4 Tablespoons of dough pour into the middle of the pan and straighten it so the whole bottom is covered. Medium heat. Flip over as soon as the surface
turns dry. The bottom should be honey brown.

2 more minutes of frying. Voilà. Ready for serving

Tastes super with blueberry you can drop into the dough as soon as it is in the pan. Maple sirup is my favorite topping!

Variations possible with: Fresh strawberries and whipped cream after baking, apples in the dough, raspberries, butter, crème fraiche.

Share your versions with me! Love to see them.

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